Our Services

Consultancy (Advanced Networks Services)

Our consultancy services provide skilled experts to address our customer Needs to successfully manage, operate and transform the networks. Our highly trained experts are trusted partners that help, accelerate Network Transformation solution onboarding, and drive faster knowledge transfer. Short-term engagements and remote delivery options are available and flexible to meet customer needs.

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Software Soultions

Provide Software Solutions to Improve Network Performance, Automate Network Deployment Reduce human error, Configure, Optimize and Control Network operations, Our Software Solutions build with AI/ML and Data Analytic capabilities, Fully Virtualized, Containerized and Cloud native.

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Training Hub

provides a comprehensive portfolio of technical training courses that allow you to achieve the technical proficiency necessary to enable and unlock the next generation of Telco technologies and new Services introductions, Towards the Transformation.

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Centre of Excellence (Evolve, Integrate & interoperate)

Evolve, integrate, Interoperate and onboarding the Advanced Technologies, to Accelerate Development, integration, and Testing Open RAN & Open Core through Advanced End to end lab environments.

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Who We Are

Our Vision

We believe that openness, Disaggregation, Intelligence and Cloudification are the Key elements For End-to-End Telecom Transformation and software Driven Networks, Toward the Future and Reshape telecom industry Our Founders identified the crucial Needs for Open Networks (Open RAN/Core) and Mobile Telco Cloud to Drive the Telco Transformation and by nature, the Strategic Priority of the open RAN.

Our Mission

Participate and accelerate the large-scale Rollout For the Future networks build with advanced Technologies (4G/5G open RAN and Open Core) by offering Consultancy and Professional Services With hands-on experience to Technology Partners at the Ecosystem (Mobile network Operators, Hardware Vendors and System integrators) to Unlock the open RAN/Core Domain Knowledge with Technical Teams Having Deep Radio & Cloud integration skills Special Attention to MEA Region to Catch up the open RAN Race. Software Solution with AI/ML and Data Analytic capabilities, Fully Virtualized, Containerized and Cloud native.


OpenValley team is innovating and evolving rapidly. Our team is made up of highly Qualified and dedicated members, who work together Building a Brown filed and Green Filed MNOs across the Globe, with Great Domain and Cloud integration skills.

Full turn-key Consultancy and Professional services

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