Our Consultancy Services are Mainly Focus on Key End-to end Network Transformation elements, as Network operators will need to deploy flexible networks with advanced features and services more quickly, more widely and more cost-efficiently, for that openness, Disaggregation, Intelligence and Cloudification are the Key elements Driving the Network Transformation.

By nature, Radio access network RAN is a key part Driving the Transformation and open vRAN Introduced as a Strategic priority for the Future networks and innovation with huge Capabilities compared to Legacy RAN.

Our team is made up of a Domain expert with Deep Radio/Core and Cloud integration Skills, using their technology independent consulting expertise, Supporting your Network every step of the way toward the Transformation and unlock vRAN/open RAN, 5G Open Core Knowledge.

vRAN/Open RAN End-to-end Services

Best in Class RAN Consultancy Services, include

Design & Architecture :

  • Design the Suitable vRAN/open RAN Deployment Scenario For (Green filed, brownfield operators)..etc, Following O-RAN Alliance Architecture Guide lines and Cloud Deployment Models for the smart and best TCO Model.
  • Define Detailed Technical CRD for Large Scale vRAN/open RAN Rollout.

Capacity & Dimensioning :

Define the Capacity Requirements and vBOM for DCs & Open vRAN NFs (OCU/ODU) based on.
  • Network Architecture.
  • Radio Design.
  • Call Model & Traffic Profile.
  • Infra Design and HW aspects.

Open vRAN Lab :

Define the LAB Setup Requirements and MVP, Design End-to end Environment for Open vRAN Testing. Provide the list of Test Cases and DTP to Cover E2E.
  • Functional Testing.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Resiliency Testing.
  • IOT Testing.

Performance Monitoring & KPIs :

Define PM Aspects and main open vRAN KPIs, based on the new layering Monitoring Concept.
  • Cloud Stack Layer KPIs & Raw Counters.
  • interface Level KPIs (Fronthaul/Midhaul…etc).
  • Service Level KPIs (Accessibility, Retainability, Mobility…etc).

vEPC & 5G Combo Core Services :

Best in Class vEPC & 5G Combo Core Consultancy Services, include

vEPC & 5GC Combo Core CRD:

  • High level Architecture & Architecture Requirements.
  • DCs Requirements (CDC,RDC,GCs..).
  • Services Requirements (Data, EPS interworking, MEC..etc).
  • Platform Requirements (OBF, CmaaS,BmaaS, E2EO..etc)

Capacity and Dimensioning :

Define the Capacity Requirements and BOM for DCs and 5G NFs/Nodes based on
  • call Model, Traffic Projection and Traffic Profile.
  • NFs Application Requirements (Memory, Storage, Processing power,NICs..etc).
  • Infra Design and HW aspects.

vEPC & 5GC Architecture and Design :

  • Overall 5G SA Design and Call Flow.
  • EPS Interworking Design and Arch.
  • Network Capabilities and N6+Gi lan Services.
  • Resiliency and Recovery Design.
  • Load & Overload Control Design. - Platform K8s Cluster Design and Virtual Services

Performance Monitoring and KPIs :

Core Performance and main kPIs Monitoring Guidelines.
  • Service layer KPIs.
  • Node level/interface level KPIs.
  • Network Capabilities and N6+Gi lan Services.
  • - Cloud Stack layer KPIs.

Data Centers and MEC Platforms:

best in class Consultancy services, included Multi edge access network deployment, architecture, solutions, functionality, and features.

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